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Let’s be honest, unless you have a clear cut marketing plan in place, it can feel like you are just throwing dollar bills at someone or something to fix a problem that you really don’t understand.

Sound familiar?

We hear this all the time at Aurora Marketing Group.  Clients know that they need to promote their product or service, build brand awareness and create valuable leads that ultimately turn into products sold or services provided that in turn create cash flow and income.  But where do you start?!?

That’s where we at Aurora Marketing Group comes in.  We’ve been in the business a few years now and we know a thing or two about marketing.  We’re not tied to any specific industry (i.e. newspaper, magazine, web, etc) so we can point you in the right direction for your company and product or service.

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Our Process:

  1. Conversation: Our process starts with a conversation with you. Our team will set down with you and your team to get to know you and your organization.
  2. Planning/Brainstorming: Once we’ve met with you and your team, we can start planning a strategy to best market your product or service.
  3. Solution: As we progress through the planning stage, we’ll develop a solution tailored to your organization that targets your key audience using solutions best suited for your market, product, service and budget,
  4. Implementation: It’s go time! We work with you every step of the way to carry out your marketing plan!

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