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A beautiful fall season is upon us!

Imagine you own a clothing store. You have adorable summer, winter, and fall decorations. You work hard on making the store look great and fit the look and feel of not only the time of year, but also the audience

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Cash is King!

You hear someone say “Cash is King”.   What?  Why would anyone want to make a bundle of green paper king? Then you realize that’s just an expression and when you think about it longer a very true one too!  Picture

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From the desk of Marshall Gipe….

MEETING MATTERS. I have heard (and been guilty of saying) for years that effective meetings in corporate culture happen when you get the right information and the right people together at the right time. Like growth…get the right ingredients together

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Overholser Cabinet’s Branding

Aurora Marketing Group has completed a recent project for Overholser Cabinets. This project consisted of a new logo,

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New York Pizza Website

The owner of New York Pizza asked Aurora Marketing Group to update and modernize their website.

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Blue Ash Media Website

Blue Ash Media is a digital display advertising company headquartered in south-central Florida.

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Political Campaign: Has Brown Worked for You?

Americans for Prosperity – Ohio retained Aurora Marketing Group initially to design a logo for their “Has Brown Worked for You?” campaign.

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Grace Church Web/Graphics

The team at Aurora Marketing Group has assisted the design team at Grace Church in Greenville, Ohio for many years.

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