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Am I REALLY like that?

You…. Yes you! You know I’m talking to you, over there in the corner with your computer, calculator, pen protector and thick glasses. You are the stereotypical “accountant”. You may not fit the stereotype I’m talking about, but you know

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AMG_BLOG POST_October 10

How do I do what I really want to do?

    Growing up people always told me you can be whoever you want to be. You can do whatever you want to do. You can literally “have it all”, but the tragic time in life hits when you are

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AMG_BLOG POST_Changing of Seasons_ Jena Powell _9

A beautiful fall season is upon us!

Imagine you own a clothing store. You have adorable summer, winter, and fall decorations. You work hard on making the store look great and fit the look and feel of not only the time of year, but also the audience

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AMG_Blog Post_Rachael Powell_September 5th

What does an accountant say when you ask him the time? It’s 9.18 am and 12 seconds; no wait – 13 seconds, no wait – 14 seconds, no wait…..

Have you ever felt that if you have to remember client or deal with one more tractable payment you just might go insane? It seems that with success in a business comes all kinds of new issues that you never

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“You will never be tomorrow what you are not becoming today”

The secrets to success are not really secrets. Everyone knows what they are. “Work hard. Do a little bit every day.  Don’t waste time. Focus only on the important. Work smart. Do one thing at a time. Plan ahead, and

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AMG_Blog Post_Zak Weston_8-15-14

Winning in life!

This week at Aurora Marketing Group we have been training a new team worker! Through this process we have been going through a book called “The Sandler Rules” a book based on 49 principles by David H. Sandler. Each morning

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AMG_BLOG POST_Chris Denligner_Love where you work_August 8th 2014

I love my hometown.

I’m going to admit it publicly, I love our downtown of Greenville, Ohio! I’ve had the privilege of working in downtown Greenville since July of 2010, right at four years, and the longer I’m here, the more I realize what

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AMG_Blog Post_Time is Ticking

Where did my week go?

Have you ever stopped for a moment at the end of a day and wondered how 24 hours slipped by in what seemed like a blink of an eye? How about in a week? Or maybe even a year? We

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AMG_BLOG POST_Cash is King_Rachael Powell_6.20

Cash is King!

You hear someone say “Cash is King”.   What?  Why would anyone want to make a bundle of green paper king? Then you realize that’s just an expression and when you think about it longer a very true one too!  Picture

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Rejection. Rejection. VICTORY. Rejection. Rejection. Rejection. VICTORY.

  Let’s be honest.  No matter how confident a salesperson looks, many times they are shadowed with doubt. Depressing thoughts, right?  For those of you who have never done sales calls, I will admit, it is terrifying.  Walking up to

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