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Simplicity in summer?

Summer is here, with its sunshine, warmth and everything green, but somehow summer no longer brings the simplicity it did when I was a child.  Summer as a child transports me to memories of running barefoot in the green grass,

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  Imagine your complete surprise when you walk into an ice cream shop on a small beautiful island and find a group of toga clad families, complete with a delicately wrapped wreath on their heads.  You let out a small

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Cash is King!

You hear someone say “Cash is King”.   What?  Why would anyone want to make a bundle of green paper king? Then you realize that’s just an expression and when you think about it longer a very true one too!  Picture

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Rejection. Rejection. VICTORY. Rejection. Rejection. Rejection. VICTORY.

  Let’s be honest.  No matter how confident a salesperson looks, many times they are shadowed with doubt. Depressing thoughts, right?  For those of you who have never done sales calls, I will admit, it is terrifying.  Walking up to

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Creativity, Collaboration, & Procrastination!

I’m sure that it only happens to me, you know, writer’s block… as in the article I’m supposed to write right now, the one you are reading.  Actually, I had writers block for the past three weeks but now I

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From the desk of Justin Powell….

My most powerful tool In the world we live in today habits can more often than not become a word people look down on.    People frequently talk about needing to overcome this bad habit or that bad habit, but in

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From the desk of Marshall Gipe….

MEETING MATTERS. I have heard (and been guilty of saying) for years that effective meetings in corporate culture happen when you get the right information and the right people together at the right time. Like growth…get the right ingredients together

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From the desk of Annette

Years ago there was a great commercial from the Yellow Pages about a guy named Al, who owned a company called “Al’s Rug.” The commentator was interviewing Al and asked him why he doesn’t advertise. Al said, “Well….if I would

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From the desk of Rachael….

Hello Friends, Spring is here…the sun is shining and tax season is finally over.  You can take a deep breath and relax.  For small business owners tax season can feel like a real downer, it’s tough to navigate the complicated

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Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our blog! We are so excited to let you into our world. We hope to make this blog exciting and informative to your future success! Let me introduce you to our team who will give you helpful hints

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