What does an accountant say when you ask him the time? It’s 9.18 am and 12 seconds; no wait – 13 seconds, no wait – 14 seconds, no wait…..

Rachael Powell

Have you ever felt that if you have to remember client or deal with one more tractable payment you just might go insane? It seems that with success in a business comes all kinds of new issues that you never thought of before.  When you were a smaller business with fewer customers it was easy to remember the details of each account and mentally note what needs to take place for each client.  However, now that business is booming and customers are pouring in the once manageable number of clients now becomes that mushroom shaped atomic cloud.  This is a great problem to have, so before you freak out (and if you are anything like the typical detailed oriented accountant, you already have) take a moment for that five second dance party!  Now that you have celebrated, look at the amount of work before you.  Clients are all assets that need to be managed properly.  As a record keeper your job is to make sure that all of the financial records for that customer are on track.  This is a great responsibility, but one that can be managed with the right tools. In order to remember all of that information you need a tracking system for your invoices, payments, account details, and customer interactions.

Good news!  In today’s world there are so many software’s that really assist in making sure that you have the tools needed to properly track clients.  Several good accounting software’s exist, one of the most popular being QuickBooks.  Everyone has heard of this tool, but few have really unlocked the potential of the Intuit network.  QuickBooks allows you to track all of your invoicing, inventory, sales by jobs or class, clients by geography, etc.  There are also services like automatic bill payment and online payment links that ease the life of any bookkeeper.  However, QuickBooks is not the only software out there though.  I personally like industry specific software’s in certain situations. They allow you to easily keep track of income, expenses and clients without having to figure out the whole system first.  For example, Farmworks is a software that is specifically designed to help farmers view their expenses by field and crop. This would be difficult to set up in QuickBooks and for the average user very confusing.  I have also worked with a construction specific software that was helpful in tracking inventory and jobs and properly understood the kinds of issues accountants in the construction industry face. Industry specific can sure save you a headache.

As good as these software’s may be you still need to remember when all of those invoice go out and who needs contacted when.  Remember that you need a system, any system, as long as it works for you.  Remember when creating this system that it is not all about you.  There will come a day when either you retire or you hire a new guy because you are moving up in the world.  This system needs to be able to be replicated by the person after you.  Simplicity with accuracy is the way to think of it.  Remember that you will make mistakes with all of these new clients, you are only human. However, your job is to keep minimizing those mistakes until they become as close to zero as possible.  You can do it!  Climb out of that pile of new clients with a system in hand, victorious at the top!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Rachael Powell


Aurora Marketing Group

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