“You will never be tomorrow what you are not becoming today”

Zak Weston

The secrets to success are not really secrets.

Everyone knows what they are.

“Work hard. Do a little bit every day.  Don’t waste time. Focus only on the important. Work smart. Do one thing at a time. Plan ahead, and stick to it. Do what you have to do, then what you want to do. Start now.”

Being productive instead of unproductive isn’t a matter of knowing “secrets”.  These are common sense, publicly available, easily attainable principles that anyone could put into practice.  But few ever do. It’s not just a matter of knowing, but also of wanting, deciding, and exercising the self-control necessary to act:

+ Desire – I WANT this

+ Determination – I WILL do this

+ Discipline – HOW I will do this

You can want something, but that doesn’t make it happen.  You can decide to do something, but that doesn’t always mean you’ll do it.  You can have discipline, but it’s directionless without desire or determination.  Together, all three enable you to take action!

Knowing what to do is usually the easiest part of any work.  Actually doing it is the tricky part. Every dream, every goal, every strategy has to have concrete steps, a tangible path that can be put into practice day after day.  If the pursuit of a goal isn’t specific enough to change what you do on a daily basis, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.  But, simply knowing what the steps are isn’t enough – you have to have the desire, determination, and discipline to take them.


 “You will never be tomorrow what you are not becoming today.” – Dr. Bill Brown, Radical Life



Zak Weston


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