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Jena Powell

This week at Aurora Marketing Group we have been training a new team worker! Through this process we have been going through a book called “The Sandler Rules” a book based on 49 principles by David H. Sandler. Each morning we go over one rule to help us, serve you better.

So today I thought I would share the first rule with you,

“You have to learn to fail, to win”…

That statement sounds like a contradiction, but it is not, let me continue and you will see why! Everyone fails at some point in life, I let people down, I forget what clients told me, and I drop the ball on some things I should remember. We all fail at some point in life. So many people wonder how you can look at failure in a positive light, well here is my secret I would like to share with you.  Get ready for it, it’s crazy profound, are you ready? Good, because here is a statement that will change your life:

  • It’s OK to fail.

I used to despise, hate, and do everything I could so I would not fail. As the years went by, I tried to perfect myself. I tried to never admit my mistakes, and pretend like they never happened. The tough part about that is, they have happened, and faking it does not change it. You feel guilt because they did and it got you nowhere in life except pulled you back from your main goal.

What if we looked at failure in a new perspective? What if we saw it as a way to learn and grow? Say what…? Is that a foreign concept to you? Personally I don’t even like the word failure; failure only happens if you do not learn anything from a mistake you made.

 “You either choose to learn something from the experience of failing – or you choose not to draw any lessons at all from your mistakes” ­- David Sandler

Whether it’s a sale you missed, a client you forgot, or a business venture that crashed. The day you look at those events as a stepping stone instead of failure, is the day you succeed. In the midst of a situation that looks and feels like a failure, you will be able to breathe freely, take one day at a time, and become a better business person through mistakes.

So the next time you use the word failure, have someone slap you, learn from your mistakes, and move on in life to become the best person you can be in business.

Jena Powell

Aurora Marketing Group


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