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Jena Powell

The last couple weeks I have spent a majority of my time in the office. Being a person who loves people, it has been rough. Nothing glamorous about writing reports, preparing for quarterly meetings, and working with current clients needs. It makes me feel like I am shuffling paper all day, instead of being in front of my customers solving problems face-to-face.

“If you are not taking care of your customer, your competitor will” – Bob Hooey

This is such a great quote to remember in life. At times as a salesperson it is so easy to get a new client, be so excited from the hype of a new client, and push on toward the next right away. We tend to forget that we have to take care of our clients also. That takes a good amount of time and work. Having your feet on the ground floor running is great, but at times we need to take the time to organize information, so that we can be more effective for current clients.

“You don’t close a sale; you open a relationship if you want to build a long-term, successful enterprise” – Patricia Fripp.

Doing sales is not signing people up quickly, grabbing money from them, and letting them go. Its fostering a relationship with them and seeing the needs they have. Just remember, anything in life that is important takes work and determination. Trying to take shortcuts in life will be detrimental to the life and success of your business.

Happy Friday.

Jena Powell

Account Manager

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